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2019 Calendar


Links to area Polo, Foxhunting and Mounted Games 

At our wonderful Fun Camp back in July, Anna Crane (Bibi, C-1) invited area clubs to come and share their sports with our members. Here are some links to their organizations if your club member would like to pursue more information:

Polo - The riders who taught the polo lessons represented Bluewater Polo Club near Florence, AL.  They are interested in building their youth program!  Check it out at: http://www.peytonafarms.com/ bwcp/

Foxhunting - There are several great foxhunts in our area. Dana Burke, who led our clinic is a field master at Hillsboro Hounds, just north of the AL line.  Find them at https://www.hillsborohounds. com/. We also talked about the Junior North American Field Hunter Trials program.  More info about that is at: http://www.jnafhc.com/

Mounted Games - The riders who led the mounted games clinic were representing USMGA.  USMGA holds competitions at locations in Kentucky and elsewhere.  Local competitions take place at Butler Bend in Franklin frequently and an indoor competition is planned for December 31 at the Williamson County Agricultural Center.  Their website is: http://www.usmga.us/USMGA/ desktop/main.php.

 Congratulations to Libby Butler -- Recipient of the 2016 Magli Award!

Member Luncheon at Percy Warner Park December 2016




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