Middle Tennessee


MTPC Checklists

These MTPC Checklists should be completed four weeks prior to your test date, so you have time to review.  Send a photo or scan of your completed checklists to the MTPC email when complete.  Note: These are different than the checklists on the USPC website!

D Levels:

D3 Horse Management: /ContentDocs/30727/D3 HM checklist 2023.docx

D3 Eventing:/ContentDocs/30727/D3 Eventing Checklist 2023.docx

D2 Horse Management: /ContentDocs/30727/D2 Horse Management Checklist 2023.docx

D2 Eventing: /ContentDocs/30727/D2 Eventing Checklist 2023.docx

D2 Hunt Seat Equitation: /ContentDocs/30727/D2 HSE Checklist 2023.docx

D1 Horse Management: /ContentDocs/30727/D1 Horse Management Checklist 2023.docx

D1 Riding Checklist:/ContentDocs/30727/D1 Riding Checklist 2023.docx

C Levels:

C1 Horse Management:/ContentDocs/30727/C1 Horse Management Checklist 2023 copy.docx

C1 Eventing:/ContentDocs/30727/C1 Eventing Checklist.docx

C2 Horse Management:/ContentDocs/30727/C2 Horse Management Checklist 2023.docx

C2 Eventing: /ContentDocs/30727/C2 Eventing 2023 Checklists.docx

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