Middle Tennessee

Rally Basics

What’s a Rally Anyway?

Basically rally is a Pony Club horse show.  But it’s not just a warm up and a round of jumping, a rally is a whole lot more!  Here are a few of the basics to know:

At the rallies offered during the Midsouth Region’s “mega rally” week, riders D2 and up will compete on teams with 4 riding members and 1 stable manager.  There are 6 rallies to choose from in summer 2023.  D1s compete in their own rally as individuals with a C member to help. 

Each rally has TWO rulebooks: the Horse Management Handbook, and the discipline rulebook.   PARENTS AND COMPETITORS SHOULD BOTH READ BOTH RULEBOOKS!!!  They are available digitally on the pony club website, or you can order hard copies at shopponyclub.org

Important Rally-Unique Rules

Parents may only:

Hold/walk horses while stalls are set up

Unload heavy items from trailer to in front of tack stall

Hang fans

Other than that, parents may not be in the barns at all for the entire competition.

Don’t plan on loading the trailers early on the last day, trailers cannot enter barns until all rides are complete.



Fans MUST have three prongs on the plug. (Kentucky Horse Park rule)

Must be hung OUTSIDE of stall

Extension cords must be outdoor grade

Be ready with long zip ties

Stalls have asphalt floors which are very hard on the horses.

          - Stall mats may be rented on site from Devers

          - Be prepared with more bags of shavings than you think you’ll need. 

          - Have 8 bags ready to go.


Neutral zone

A designated stall where parents may bring lunches, coolers, forgotten items

Competitors must be on site at barn opening.  They may leave the barn area

Required Equipment:

A list of items each team/individual must have.  Points will be deducted for each item missing!

Halters must have breakaway capability, and be labeled with the mount’s stall number or competitor name.

Bring as few personal items as possible.  Less is more in the tack rooms.



 All mounts will be jogged for soundness on day 1.



Each rider will have a “turnout inspection” aka “formal inspection” before their first ride.  Exact list of what will be judged is determined by the rider’s certification level, and the forms can be found in the HMH.



Parents and coaches are usually allowed to attend the briefings.

Usually there is one on the first day, and eventing rallies will have one before cross country day

Be ready to volunteer if you can!



Mounts must be at least 5 years old, and no stallions allowed.

A vet note is no longer required if pony is on prescription medication.


Golf Carts

May be rented from Devers

May only hold the same number of people as seats at a time.

Must be driven by a driver 16+ with a license.

You WILL be ticketed by the KHP for not following golf cart rules

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