Middle Tennessee

2019 MTPC Horse Trials


Approximate Division Start Times for Show Jumping

(by division in ascending numerical order, those riding with permission

following their division


                                             Training:                       8:00 am

                                             Novice:                         8:52 am

                                             Beg Novice:                 10:26 am

                                             Starter                        11:42 pm



It's Our 65th Anniversary! Come Celebrate With Us!!

Entries accepted by XEntry for Starter, Beginner Novice, Novice, and Training starting Tuesday, August 20, 2019.  Only Starter entries are accepted via mail.  Total entries limited for 2019 to accommodate Middle Tennessee Pony Club's anniversary celebration dinner. Get your entries in early!

Omnibus Listing for MTPC Horse Trials (This provides information on the show.  Check here first for dressage tests,  contact information, general schedule information, pricing, stabling, and local accommodations.)

Use this link to enter using Xentry  (XEntry is a service of USEA that allows electronic entries to recognized events. You must register with USEA to gain access to their site.  To actually submit an entry, you need to register as a rider and be able to provide USEA ID numbers for the competitor and horse.  You must have these numbers to compete UNLESS you are riding in the Starter division. You can get there ID numbers for free (and you should to make life easier for yourself and others) but you aren't required to for Starter. If you are unable to register as a starter, a hard copy entry may be accepted by mail.  Here's the link for that form:  Entry Form for Starter Level Only

We have a big Celebration planned!  Check out the Invitation and RSVP today! 

   Already Entered?       Check your status on Startbox here!  Startbox link active on Opening Day.


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